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Saturday, April 28, 2018

You Played With My Heart And Broke It

I tried, I cried and I suffered in silence for you but all went in vain
I wonder what went wrong that I got my heart broken again

I gave you my aching heart and I thought that your love would help me heal
I wouldn’t have taken a leap of faith had I known how miserable I would feel

I thought that you would keep your promises and that you would stay
But you played with my heart, broke it into pieces and just went away

My love was pure, My love was honest and My love was very true
I could never imagine that you would leave me feeling so sad and blue

I wonder why did you break my heart and left me so alone
I wish you could see how I am feeling the pain in every single bone

No matter how miserable I feel but I am proud of my heart all over again
It is still beating and keeping me alive even after suffering so much pain

My heart has gone through a roller coaster of emotions all my life
And somehow I feel it is strong enough to bear even his strife

Aarti Khurana

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