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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Every Relationship Goes Through Rough waters

Relationships don’t come with a tag perfection. Every relationship goes through hurdles and rough waters. There are hardly any smooth relationships. There are difficult times and tough situations in every relationship and all couples have to go through them. The important part is not having a relationship without problems, the important part is trying to strengthen your relationship despite the odds. When you try to stick to each other despite all your issues and all your problems , that is when you are working towards perfection...Aarti Khurana

Are You Honest With Your Partner?

Loyalty and honesty in a relationship as important as the sir you breathe in. These are the most important elements to keep a relationship on track. The day loyalty and honesty vanish from your relationship then nothing can save your relationship from breaking apart.  Relationships when broken cannot be fixed. Loyalty is the best gifts you can give to someone you love. If you aren't happy with your partner then just tell them directly but at least don't cheat. Cheating even though its emotional cheating can give someone unbearable pain for an entire lifetime and leave them suffering forever...Aati Khurana

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Don't Stop Yourself From Letting Go

No one deserves to get heart broken or shattered. You deserve to be with someone who cherishes your love and loves you back with the same passion and intensity as you do.  Do not allow anyone to complicate your life. Respect yourself and don't let someone hurt you just because you are emotionally and soulfully involved with him. If he loves you, values you and understands you, he will never hurt you and he will treat you like a priority in his life. He won't make excuses or do anything to make you feel worthless. If someone is making your life more difficult, let that person go. Don't stop yourself from letting go. Aarti Khurana

Don't Let A Heart break Destroy You

When someone you love with all your heart and soul, dumps you or leaves you stranded it makes you feel lifeless and the entire universe comes to a s stand still. You start questioning your very own existence. You start questioning logic. You start questioning your own love and every single little tiny bit of detail that boggles your mind. It breaks you up and shatters you up to a point where you stop trusting anyone around you. You stop trusting your own self and your own decisions. You start feeling like everything you ever possessed has been stolen. You feel someone played with your emotions and with your soulful feelings and then left you to perish. You take vows of never falling in love again. You start shutting down to the world around you. You start building walls around you and start living in a cocoon. But don’t let all this shatter you to an extent of destroying yourself. You need to gather all your emotional courage and than the one who broke your heart. Thank him for saving you from any more damage than the one already caused. Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

All Men Are Not The Same, Some Are Sensitive Too

Sometimes even when your relationship is going great, you have a fear of losing your partner. Every woman has her own set of insecurities and she lives with a fear of losing her lover or her partner. Women think this way because they have seen men physically and emotionally cheating other women and breaking their hearts. But all men are not the same and it’s easy to recognize honest and loyal men if you pay a little attention to their behavior. If he is loyal he will always inform you about his whereabouts. You will a part of his life, his ins and outs. He will not give you a chance to keep asking him. He will always keep you in his loop and will keep you informed. He won’t talk about his previous relationships and he will never compare you with other women. If he is loyal to you and he loves you truly then he will put your happiness first and never hurt you. Don’t fear a man who himself is sensitive because he completely understands the pain of a heartbreak...Aarti Khurana

Saturday, August 25, 2018

I Don’t Want To Know Life Without You In It

Sometimes I wonder how I would have survived if I hadn’t met you. You came in my life as a source of inspiration, emotional courage and emotional strength. You came in my life as a stranger but slowly and slowly you became my best friend, my homie and my lover. You are someone I can trust blindly and someone whom I can always count on. You recognize when I am hurt, when I am sad and when I am feeling low. You see right through me and you have loved me when I least deserved it. You understand my fears and my demons and you have helped me overcome them. You are very precious to me and I will never let you go. I don’t want to know life without you in it...Aarti Khurana

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Love Is A Trance

What is love unless it takes every cell of your body, every inch of your bones, every beat of your heart, and every bit of your soul in a trance...Aarti Khurana

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Women Do Not Fancy Short Term Relationships

Women are not inclined towards short term relationships. They always want to have long term relationships where there are commitments and a promise of lifetime togetherness. Women don’t fancy men who just want to share their beds with them and then forget them for other women. Every woman wants a man who can share his entire life with her. She wants that place in his life which he can never give to any other woman. She wants a man who can understand her innermost feelings and  take care of her heart and soul for the rest of her life. She will never open her heart to a man whose mind keeps drifting away from her. She will only share her heart and soul with a man whose heart is fixed on her and in whose eyes she sees a promise of eternal togetherness...Aarti Khurana

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Promise To Love You For The Rest of My Life

 When I am in your arms every little feeling suddenly seems to be heightened and amplified a thousand times. When you tighten your arms around me there is an amazing tingling I feel inside my body that just refuses to subside. I love the way your fingers tenderly move in my hair. I love the way you lift up my chin to kiss my forehead. I love the way your heart throbs when I keep my head on your chest. My eyes light up when you whisper sweet little things in my ears. And I adore you completely when you cup my face in your hands and say, “You mean the world to me and I promise to love you for the rest of my life .”...Aarti Khurana

You Were Soulfully And Emotionally Unavailable To Me

It’s hurting again today. My heart is aching again. Every time I think of the days we spent together they leave me shattered all over again. It was so difficult for me to let you go. I wonder why we fell apart. I wish you could’ve loved me back and put some efforts into our relationship. I wish you had some quality time for me. I wish I could go back in time and figure out everything that went wrong between me and you. But the only thing that hurts the most is the way you ignored me and made me feel unwanted in your life and then I had no choice but to give up on you forever. I had to walk away from you because you became soulfully and emotionally unavailable to me...Aarti Khurana

Friday, July 20, 2018

I Love My Heart Because You Live In It

I am in love with the entire universe because it led me to you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me my heart and soul. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today or have the motivation to succeed in my life.  I am nothing without but with you I’m everything and more.. I love my heart because you live in it, I love my soul because it connects me to your soul. I love my life because it gave me an awesome life partner like you...Aarti Khurana

The Silence Of Your Soul

The silence of your soul beautifully absorbs every noise that my soul makes...Aarti Khurana

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Being Married Is Very Different From What Is Shown In The Movies

Being married is very different from what we have seen in the movies. It’s a lot more than what we read in love stories. It’s not just about cuddling in the bed all day. It's waking up to snoring, wanting to take your pillow and go to another room but you don't, because you love each other. It's about sleeping beside the person who takes off all the covers and forces you to the edge of the bed in the middle of the night. It’s about waking up and making breakfast together. It’s about taking responsibility of washing the dishes and doing the laundry each day. It's about coming home to the same person everyday that you know loves and cares about you and is waiting to have dinner with you. It’s about fights that make you feel like giving up on your relationship and running away forever but you don’t, because you know you will miss your partner the very moment you leave the house. It's about keeping your head on his shoulder when you have an emotional breakdown. It’s when you are shattered and your love lays on the floor with you and holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay, and you believe them blindfolded. It's about loving someone, with all your heart and soul even though they make you feel absolutely crazy and insane. It’s about living with someone despite harsh words and countless fights about absolutely nothing. It's not a perfect life. It’s going to be hard to get along sometimes, but it's so amazing and comforting that when you grow old together you will say that being married was the best thing you’ve ever experienced...Aarti Khurana

What Makes A Man Fall In Love With A Woman....

A real man loves a woman for her heart and soul and not for her body. If he loves you then he won’t fall for your face or your body. He will fall in love with your caring heart and your beautiful soul. He won’t fall in love with you for your vital statistics but he will surely fall in love with you if you have a tender heart and a compassionate soul. He won’t bother what color you wear or how you style your hair because these things won’t attract his soul towards you.. The things that will pull him close to you will be your intelligence, your overall personality, your kindness and who your heart.  He doesn’t care whether you still sleep with a teddy bear or you jump with joy at the sight of blueberry muffins because he will never judge you by your choices. He will love you for the rest of his life by the way your soul will connect to his soul...Aarti Khurana

Women Are Not Emotional Fools

Some men think that women are sensitive and emotional so they can be easily taken for granted and fooled around with. But they are mistaken because they forget the fact that no matter how sensitive a woman is she is not an emotional fool. Women are more emotional than men but they are not emotionally weak. It’s just that they show their emotions easily. Although women tend to be more sensitive and emotional and they listen to their hearts but they cannot be fooled easily. They have their own sense of judgment and their own sense of understanding people. Women are born to be givers and they give freely and unconditionally. When a woman falls in love with a man, she doesn’t hold back any of her feelings or emotions. She gives herself completely to the man she loves. She will leave no stone unturned to make her man feel special and cherished. She will go to any extent to keep him happy. But still, if a man thinks that he can treat a woman like a toy and play with her feelings then he is totally mistaken. She might forgive a man for his mistakes, she might come back to him despite all his idiotic nuances but that is because she loves him and not because she is weak or an emotional fool...Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Love Can Heal Broken Hearts

Love and life are intertwined and we all need love in our lives. Some people need love to heal their broken hearts, some people need love to heal their souls and some people need love to get rid of loneliness in their lives. Love is not a matter of age, cast , race or creed it a matter of the heart. If you have love in your heart then you will have love in your life. Life is incomplete without love and life is just an extension of love .Love gives life its meaning, and without it there isn’t much life at all. It’s important to fill your life with love and to love what’s in your life if you want to get the most out of it…Aarti Khurana

I Will Never Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

I am not the kind of woman who wears her heart on her sleeves. I can wait for an entire life for my soul mate.  I would be the last woman to fall in love with a man just because he is good looking, attractive and handsome. I would never fall in love with a man just because he is rich and famous. I would never fall in love just for a social status or a tag. I would rather wait for the one who just adores me and cherishes me for being a part of his life. I would rather be with the one who has a promise of lifetime togetherness in his eyes. I would rather be with someone who has time for me. I would rather wait for someone who is willing to understand my pain and is willing to heal my soul. I would rather wait for someone who compliments my personality and accepts me with my flaws. I can wait forever to be with the man of my dreams. I would rather end up with someone who treats my heart as his own and satisfies my spiritual and emotional needs. I would rather wait for someone who loves my soul more than my body. I would rather wait for the one who has an eternal promise in his heart and his soul of being my once in a lifetime and a forever kind of love...Aarti Khurana

My Life Is Bright Because Of Your Presence

Your love made me complete and whole
By cocooning around my aching soul
I lose myself in your quintessential existence
My life is bright because of your presence

 I lose myself in your soothing embrace
You are my warmth you are my grace
For you I have opened the seams of my heart
And I truly believe that we will never part

You magically bring out the best in me
I know we were always meant to be
We were paired up in heaven above
To weave a beautiful tale of love

Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Never Planned Falling In Love With You

I never planned falling in love with you. It just happened in a flash and in a split second my entire being submitted to your existence. You bewitched me with your presence and I fell in love with you. I love you because my heart chants your name, my mind keeps drifting to you, and my soul feels your soul even when you are miles away from me. I love you because every single cell in my body responds to the way you touch me, to the way you look at me and the way you whisper into my ears. I love you because the entire Universe guided my soul to your soul.  I love you because I was born to do so...Aarti Khurana

Every Evening When The Sun Goes Down

Every evening when the sun goes down, my soul aches for your soul and I desire to hold you close to me. I want to be held in your arms and go into a deep slumber when the moon is engulfed in the arms of the dark sky and the stars are whispering to each other...Aarti Khurana

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Eternal Silence

Every time you wrap me in your arms
You cast a never ending spell on me
You make me forget where I am
You make me forget who I am
AND….My soul talks to your soul
In eternal silence
Aarti Khurana

The Love Of A Good Man Will Rekindle The Fire In Your Soul

When the right man comes in your life you will find answers to all the questions that have puzzled you.  His Love will calm your mind and put peace into your heart. His love will fix the broken pieces of your heart and heal your soul. He will make you fall for him and restore love in your life.  He will give you a purpose and a reason to believe in power of true and unconditional love. A good man’s love will make you feel like the most beautiful and the most desired woman on this planet. You just have to wait patiently for a good man to come your way to rekindle the fire in your soul...Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 24, 2018

True Lovers Are Emotionally and Soulfully Intimate

You are out rightly mistaken if you think that that the true lovers are the one who are seen posting their pictures on social media or the ones making declarations of their love in public places. True lovers are not even like the couples you see in the movies or read in those romantic novels. True love is much more than just outings, movies, dating, dinners, parties and sleeping together. It means so much more than just clicking and posting selfies on social media. True lovers are romantically and intimately involved with each other. They don’t care about the world around them. They just care for each others emotions and feelings. True lovers are the ones who get worried when their partner does not answer the phone right away or when he or she doesn’t reply to a text message. They get worried when their partner is late from work. They get worried even when their partner is not eating well or sleeping well.  They believe in a strong emotional and soulful bond. They prefer to share emotional and soulful intimacy rather than showing off their relationship on social media and in public...Aarti Khurana


I Don't Want To Beg For Love And Attention

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to finally put your foot down and it happened with me too. I was going through too many problems and a bad phase in my relationship worsened everything. I wanted support from you but I didn’t get any and that was the time I realized that you were there by my side to enjoy the good days but you were no where to be seen when I needed someone to support me emotionally and soulfully. I didn’t want to behave like a crazy girl friend who cries for attention or begs for her boyfriends time. I wanted to be someone who is not your ego boost or a show off for your friends. I had to move out of our relationship because I wanted to live for my happiness and I wanted to make something beautiful out of my life. It was very difficult to take that one bold step but it was killing me inside. I could never possibly love with you with a stabbed heart and a bleeding soul. One day I will also become a memory in your mind and you will learn to live without me but always remember you wont find someone who would love you as fiercely and as honestly as I did...Aarti Khurana

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I need you eternally I need you forever, I need you till the end of time

My life is so much easier just because you are always by my side. Everything is always getting better when you are around me. The only thought that makes me go through my toughest days is the thought of just knowing that you are there to love me, support me and hold me. You are my blues buster and my stress smasher. I need you in every single moment of my life. You're all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one soul. You are the one who brightens all the dark places in my heart and soul. I need you till there are beats in my heart and soul in my body. I need you eternally I need you forever, I need you till the end of time. I need you till there are beats in my heart and soul in my body...Aarti Khurana

Relationships are based on immense love, trust and honesty

Relationships are based on immense love, trust and honesty. We lose our loved one just because we take them for granted. Most of the times relationships lose their strength because of lack of attention, lack of affection, lack of efforts and lack of love. We must cherish the people who love us and who take out time for us. We must treasure the ones who care about our feelings and respect our individuality. A good and healthy relationship is about being together, spending special time with one another, laughing together, sharing every little secret, supporting each other, taking pride in each others achievements and accepting each others imperfections...Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Real Man Will Love You For Your Beautiful Soul

A real man loves a woman for her heart and soul and not for her body. If he loves you then he won’t fall for your face or your body. He will fall in love with your caring heart and your beautiful soul. He won’t fall in love with you for your vital statistics but he will surely fall in love with you if you have a tender heart and a compassionate soul. He won’t bother what color you wear or how you style your hair because these things won’t attract his soul towards you.. The things that will pull him close to you will be your intelligence, your overall personality, your kindness and who your heart.  He doesn’t care whether you still sleep with a teddy bear or you jump with joy at the sight of blueberry muffins because he will never judge you by your choices. He will love you for the rest of his life by the way your soul will connect to his soul...Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Every Night When You Hug Me To Sleep

Every night when you hug me tightly, you take me on a trip of galactic bliss. The moment I close my eyes, I feel like I am on the edge of the galaxy. I see the stars, the moon and sometimes even the invisible rings around the planets. Only you can give me this feeling of floating with the stars and basking in their brightness. And then slowly I drift away to sleep peacefully with an awakened soul that shines in its own bright luminosity of eternal love...Aarti Khurana

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Never Judge A Woman Who Is Single

Never judge a woman if she doesn’t have a relationship status and never underestimate a woman if she is single. She might be single because maybe she doesn’t believe in casual love affairs and out of the blue relationships. Maybe she fears being in a relationship because of a recent breakup. Maybe she was cheated upon and she is too shattered to trust a man again. Maybe she wants a man who would understand her and take relationships seriously OR Maybe she is waiting for her true love and she has the courage, strength, ability, attitude and confidence to wait for what she deserves. .. Aarti Khurana

Never Stop Believing In The Wonders Of Love

If you believe in the power of love you are truly gifted. If you feel the magic and aura of love around you then you are really special. If you are unrealistic to the world...So be it…If you are cynical to the people around you…So be it… If people think you are the most illogical person on this planet… So be it…No matter what people say…No matter what people think...No matter how people react…You should never stop believing the way you believe…You should never stop thinking the way you think…You should never stop feeling the way you feel…NEVER STOP BEING YOU… NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN THE WONDERS OF LOVE… Aarti Khurana

I Want Love For An Entire Lifetime

I am not the kind of girl whom you can flirt with and win her heart. I don’t want a man to use sugarcoated words to impress me. I don’t want someone who will sing praises of me and try to make me happy. I don’t want a man to fake anything in front of me. I just want him to love me with honesty. If I give him my heart I want to take care of it and hold it tightly as if it is his own. I want to wake up every morning in his arms with the desire to live for him as easily I want to live for myself. I want someone who would wipe my tears as if they were his own. I want someone to love me as if I was part of his mind body and soul and there is nothing that can come in between. I want a man to love me enough to share himself completely with me for an entire lifetime…. Aarti Khurana

Soul Mates

Soul Mates
When I met you it was like Deja vu
And I was instantly connected to you
My heart knew for sure
I must have known you from before,
how else could you have reached my core?
In a life perhaps a past one
we were together…we were one
With what I felt, emotions vast,
We must have been lovers in the past...
Aarti Khurana

Here's to All the Girls Who Love Fiercely

Here’s to all the girls who don’t fake their identities and don’t pretend to be what they are not. To the ones who are passionate about life and want to fulfill their dreams. To the ones who are not attention seekers and can be comfortable in their denim shorts and roman slippers. To the ones who don’t wear their heart on their sleeves and don’t make relationships for social security and social status. To the ones who refuse to be victims of sexual, mental and social abuse.To the ones who don’t fight to make a place n a man’s life but make themselves deserving by their honest and reliable behavior. To the ones who don’t hide their emotions and cry when they hear sad songs. To the ones who stand tall and strong after going through all the mess in their lives. To the ones who want to fall in love and stay in love for the rest of their lives. Here’s to all those girls who are just like me….Fighters, Survivors, and Lovers… Aarti Khurana

I Am My Best Version When You Are With Me

I don’t miss YOU when you are gone…..I miss ME when you are gone..Because with YOU I am my best version…. Aarti Khurana

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Intimacy Is More Than Just Sharing A Bed

You are mistaken if you think that sleeping with a woman can make her feel intimate with you. Intimacy for a woman is not just sharing her bed with a man. She needs much more than that. Sleeping with a woman doesn’t mean you’re fully intimate with her and in no way it proves your love for her.  You can’t be completely intimate with a woman unless you are emotionally and soulfully connected to her. Emotional intimacy requires a high level of transparency and openness. It involves closeness of your heart, your body and your soul with the one you love and this allows a woman to share her personal feelings with her man. A woman puts her heart into a relationship only when she shares and emotional bond with her man. She needs emotional and soulful intimacy to give her hundred percent to a relationship...Aarti Khurana

Every Relationship Goes Through Testing Times

Life as a couple isn’t always a bed of roses because in the long run relationships can be a lot of hard work. Every relationship goes through testing times and rough patches. Even if you are in a love relationship you will be tested about how committed you are, you will be tested for your trustworthiness and sometimes you will tested for the efforts you put in to keep your partner happy. The biggest challenge, however, is to make your relationship stand the test of time. The mantra for making your relationship ace this test of time is to never miss any opportunity to make your relationship stronger on a daily basis. Sometimes all it takes is very little effort and all you have to do is to have great communication to make your partner feel more loved, more heard, and more accepted…Aarti Khurana

When You Fall In Love

We can’t set any rules in love. There is no manuscript or a blueprint about how to behave when you are in love. You can’t love someone if you are tied down by limitations and boundaries. You can’t love someone completely if you are bound by rules. When you fall in love you tend to follow your heart and it’s your heart that decides everything that you do. When you love someone just be completely spontaneous. Every single relationship is different and people behave differently when they are in relationships. Everyone has a vivid way of expression and a different way of dealing with emotions. What works for you might not necessarily work for others. So don’t try to follow anyone and don’t try to find any rules about love. Just love naturally and allow your heart to lead you...Aarti Khurana

I Will Love You Till My Dying Day

I had been searching and waiting to meet you for days on end
I had no one to share my life with and I needed a soul friend
I thought I would never meet my soul mate coz there was no hope.
I was leading a loveless life and felt like I was at the end of my rope

You came at a time when my heart was broken, sad and lonely
It was shattered into bits and pieces surrounded by melancholy
You healed my heart with your tender love and gave back its beat.
Since the day you came in my life, I have felt so complete.

I thank my lucky stars and I thank the heavens above
For sending my soul mate to me to shower me with his love
Now I want to share my life with you, my dreams and desires too.

I will love you until my dying day, my heart belongs to you.

Aarti Khurana

My Heart Is Strong Enough To bear Pain

I tried, I cried and I suffered in silence for you but all went in vain
I wonder what went wrong that I got my heart broken again

I gave you my aching heart and I thought that your love would help me heal
I wouldn’t have taken a leap of faith had I known how miserable I would feel

I thought that you would keep your promises and that you would stay
But you played with my heart, broke it into pieces and just went away

My love was pure, My love was honest and My love was very true
I could never imagine that you would leave me feeling so sad and blue

I wonder why did you break my heart and left me so alone
I wish you could see how I am feeling the pain in every single bone

No matter how miserable I feel but I am proud of my heart all over again
It is still beating and keeping me alive even after suffering so much pain

My heart has gone through a roller coaster of emotions all my life

And somehow I feel it is strong enough to bear even his strife

Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

One Day I Will Finally Stop Crying For You

One day I will finally stop crying for you and come out of my cocoon
I will shed all the sadness that surrounds me and find my happiness soon
After endless days filled with darkness and nights full of agony
I will gather my emotional strength and emerge stronger than my misery

I know for many days to come I will be sad and all alone
But soon my aching heart will heal and all the pain will be gone
I don’t want to end up with a life full of suffering and strife
Maybe one day I will get lucky and find the love of my life

You will be part of my memories for many days on end
Because My love for you is very difficult to comprehend
Maybe you will think of me someday and miss me when I am gone.
But I will get used to living without you and slowly I will move on

Aarti Khurana

My Life Is A Nightmare Without You

Staying away from you is what I have always feared
My life is a nightmare now that you have disappeared
My days and nights are lonely and full of agony
I wonder with a love like mine you did this to me

I have no words to explain how empty and I feel
It will take a lifetime for my wounded soul to heal
In a world full of people I feel so miserable and alone
There are times when I feel as dead and as lifeless as a stone

I miss the love we had and the beautiful bond we shared
But you took everything for granted and you never cared
My heart is aching for you and the pain is too hard to bear,
My life is now surrounded by darkness and despair.

You are no longer the person I used to know.
I think we were not meant to be and you had to go
Maybe one day I will overcome this and make a new start
But even that day I will miss you from the bottom of my heart

Aarti Khurana

When A Woman Is Emotionally Cheated Or Abused

The worst pain in a womans life is when she loves a man with all her honestly and conviction and she still gets cheated by him. A woman is left shattered when even after pouring her heart into a relationship she gets physically and emotionally cheated or abused. All a woman wants from the man she loves is to be loved back in return. All she wants is honesty and transparency in her relationship. Every woman wants emotional and physical faithfulness from her man. A woman can endure every other pain that she gets from a lot of other messed up things in her life but she can’t fathom a love that is disloyal or dishonest. If she loves a man then she wants him to show empathy for her sentiments and respect her feelings. She will neither tolerate nor accept a man playing Russian Roulette with her heart. If she finds out that her partner is cheating on her, she will be shattered to the core and she will never be the same again in her relationship with him. She may forgive her man and move out of his life but a broken trust will surely leave her heart broken for ever..Aarti Khurana

The Sexiest Woman...

I feel sad when people see the sexiness of a woman in the curves of her body or the way she sways her body when she walks. A woman is not sexy because of her curvaceous figure, her beautiful face or her voluptuous personality but her real sexiness lies in the way she fights her tough emotional battles each day and endures every sort of pain with her inner strength. A woman is sexy in the way she carries herself even when she is emotionally worked up and she still stands tall despite all the odds in her life. The sexiest woman is not the one with a flawless face and a scar less body. The sexiest woman is the one who carries the scars on her body with dignity and considers them like her war medals and trophies. A woman is sexy when she holds herself together and still keeps fighting the world despite a messed up life and despite a shattered heart and an aching soul. Find the sexiness of a woman behind the smile on her face when she is trying hard to push back her tears. Find the sexiness of a woman in her beautiful compassionate heart and her kind soul. Because the sexiest woman is the one who goes through everything that is meant to tear her apart and comes out even more stronger than before…Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Will Love You Till Eternity And Beyond

You came in my life and became the silver lining to my cloud
With you by my side I feel so delighted, happy and proud
Everything from your hug, your touch and your kiss
There is nothing about you that I would ever want to miss

Sometimes I just wonder how lucky I am to end up loving you
I have always waited for a love like yours… Oh! So honest and true
You brightened my dark nights with your tender love and care
To make me happy I know there is nothing that you would spare

You filled my life with love and made it amazingly beautiful and grand
Now I want to see the world through your eyes while holding your hand
Living with you is so adventurous, different and unique,
Spending the rest of my life with you is all that I seek.

You are the one who understands the depths of my soul
Only with you in my life I can feel healed and whole
I will leave no stone unturned to strengthen our soulful bond
I will love you and I will hold on to you till eternity and beyond

Aarti Khurana

Monday, April 30, 2018

True Love Is The Only Antidote To A Woman’s Broken Heart

All said and done every woman who has been cheated, has been betrayed and has been living with a broken heart deserves a man who can love her to that extent that it can make her feel like whatever made her cry was just a nightmare and its all over. Every woman deserves a man who can make her forget and overcome the pain of a broken heart. When a woman is loved with utmost honesty and sincerity she can put behind everything that is hurting her and find closure to the worst experiences of her life. A woman never forgets even the smallest gestures of love and affection. She can forget the man who made her cry but she will always cherish and respect the man who wiped her tears. She will eventually forget the man who broke her heart but she will never forget the man who healed her heart and soul. A woman will always treasure a man who fulfills her psychological and emotional needs. Be that man in a woman’s life and you will be cherished, respected and loved for the rest of your life. True love can heal a woman’s broken heart and put life back into her aching soul. True love is an antidote to a woman’s broken heart…Aarti Khurana

One Day She Will Be Done With Living In A Nightmare

If she falls in love with you she will love you with all her dedication and devotion. She will be head over heels in love with you and she will be connected to you in every possible sense. She will fulfill all the physical, emotional and soulful demands of a relationship. But when she sees that everything is one sided and she is not even being loved back then she will grow cold feet and go blank because her emotions also have an expiry date. One day she will be done with living in a nightmare and she will choose to let go when she can no longer cope up with your pride, your ego and your arrogance. There will come a day when she will finally realize that she is done with trying to make her relationship work and that day she will gather all her inner strength and she will pack her emotional baggage to move out of your life. Only after she is gone, you will realize what you have lost. You will regret losing the woman who loved you so much that she almost forgot to love herself. You will regret losing the woman who was ready to go to the ends of the world just for you. You will miss the woman who kept holding your hand and stood by you even though she was never appreciated by you. You will miss the woman who loved you unconditionally even though she was never cherished by you. You’ll remember her every morning when you wake up and every night when you are alone on your bed. You will miss her face, her eyes, her smile and her fragrance. You will miss her conversations and her fights. To be honest you will miss her so terribly that you might even cry for her. But the day you realize that she was the one for you, she will be long gone and she will never come back… Aarti Khurana

I Forgive You For Hurting Me

Honestly, letting you go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I have finally made up my mind. I forgive you for all the things you have done to hurt me. I am letting you go and I am moving on but having said that it doesn’t mean that I am okay and I have no pain in my heart. I am moving on doesn’t mean that my heart is not broken and shattered. I am moving on doesn’t mean that my soul is not wounded. There are no tears in my eyes but I have tears on my heart and soul. It took me a lot of time to open up to you and it took me a lot of time to let you in so now it will take some time to let you go and move on. It will be unrealistic to say that moving on will be easy and it will happen effortlessly because moving on is much more than just saying, “Goodbye”. It is much more than no more phone calls, no more texts and no more visits. I will have to learn to sleep alone and wake up with no one to hug in the morning. I will have to forget all the days and nights I spent your arms. I will have to forget the way I felt when you hugged me or when you kissed me. I will have to learn to breathe without suffocating. I will have to forget all those beautiful moments we spent together. So at the moment I am not okay and I am healing but sometimes it’s ok to not be ok…Aarti Khurana

I Am Done Fighting For Your Attention

Yes! I love you but I am done fighting for your attention. I am done waiting for you to give me that special place in your heart where I always thought I truly belonged. The truth is that I am done trying to make our relationship work. I am done being the only one making efforts to create some magic in our bond. I am tired and I am done waiting for you to spare some time and attention for me. I am done crying and I no longer want to feel lonely and emotionally drained out. I am done forgiving you for all your mistakes and now its time for me to move out of this relationship. My emotional energy is completely drained out and now my soul is in deep pain. I have to move out and move on so that I can heal my soul and put an end to my pain. I am not done with caring about your feelings but I am done waiting for to care about my feelings and emotions. I am not done loving you but I am done waiting to be loved back…Aarti Khurana

You Live In My Thoughts

I know there are miles and miles between us and you are so far away
But the moment my eyes are closed I can see you coz that is where you stay
I dream about you hugging me, kissing me and cuddling with me too
I see us so happy together in my dreams and sharing a love so true

You live in my thoughts, you live in my mind and you live in my dream
You live in my heart, you live in my soul and you live in my bloodstream
Your thoughts make me sleep on the clouds and dream in the faraway sky
Every single day I dream of our togetherness as my life passes me by

I dream of a happy and peaceful place where I see just you and me
I dream of a place where we are not bound by rules and our souls are free
I dream of a place without any agony and a place without any pain,
I dream of a beautiful heavenly place where I love to drift again and again

If I ever get a chance to keep dreaming and to keep my eyes closed forever
I don’t want to open my eyes to see the real world which for me is a nightmare,
I feel so happy and safe with you when I see you next to me in my dreamland
I wish you knew how beautiful it is to dream about you holding my hand

Aarti Khurana

Nothing Compares To Our Love Story

I want to live every moment of my life holding your hand walking with you. I want to keep hugging you so that I can hear your heartbeats next to mine. I want our love story to be the most passionate, most memorable and most beautiful love story ever written or heard of… We will write our love story together over the years with our love, passion, dedication, trust and honesty and most importantly our amazing understanding of each other’s minds, our out of the world chemistry and our magical compatibility …Together we can and we will make our love story unique….Nothing compares to the kind of love and passion love we have for each other. Love like ours happens once in a blue moon…Aarti Khurana