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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Sexiest Woman...

I feel sad when people see the sexiness of a woman in the curves of her body or the way she sways her body when she walks. A woman is not sexy because of her curvaceous figure, her beautiful face or her voluptuous personality but her real sexiness lies in the way she fights her tough emotional battles each day and endures every sort of pain with her inner strength. A woman is sexy in the way she carries herself even when she is emotionally worked up and she still stands tall despite all the odds in her life. The sexiest woman is not the one with a flawless face and a scar less body. The sexiest woman is the one who carries the scars on her body with dignity and considers them like her war medals and trophies. A woman is sexy when she holds herself together and still keeps fighting the world despite a messed up life and despite a shattered heart and an aching soul. Find the sexiness of a woman behind the smile on her face when she is trying hard to push back her tears. Find the sexiness of a woman in her beautiful compassionate heart and her kind soul. Because the sexiest woman is the one who goes through everything that is meant to tear her apart and comes out even more stronger than before…Aarti Khurana

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