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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

All Men Are Not The Same, Some Are Sensitive Too

Sometimes even when your relationship is going great, you have a fear of losing your partner. Every woman has her own set of insecurities and she lives with a fear of losing her lover or her partner. Women think this way because they have seen men physically and emotionally cheating other women and breaking their hearts. But all men are not the same and it’s easy to recognize honest and loyal men if you pay a little attention to their behavior. If he is loyal he will always inform you about his whereabouts. You will a part of his life, his ins and outs. He will not give you a chance to keep asking him. He will always keep you in his loop and will keep you informed. He won’t talk about his previous relationships and he will never compare you with other women. If he is loyal to you and he loves you truly then he will put your happiness first and never hurt you. Don’t fear a man who himself is sensitive because he completely understands the pain of a heartbreak...Aarti Khurana