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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Don't Stop Yourself From Letting Go

No one deserves to get heart broken or shattered. You deserve to be with someone who cherishes your love and loves you back with the same passion and intensity as you do.  Do not allow anyone to complicate your life. Respect yourself and don't let someone hurt you just because you are emotionally and soulfully involved with him. If he loves you, values you and understands you, he will never hurt you and he will treat you like a priority in his life. He won't make excuses or do anything to make you feel worthless. If someone is making your life more difficult, let that person go. Don't stop yourself from letting go. Aarti Khurana

Don't Let A Heart break Destroy You

When someone you love with all your heart and soul, dumps you or leaves you stranded it makes you feel lifeless and the entire universe comes to a s stand still. You start questioning your very own existence. You start questioning logic. You start questioning your own love and every single little tiny bit of detail that boggles your mind. It breaks you up and shatters you up to a point where you stop trusting anyone around you. You stop trusting your own self and your own decisions. You start feeling like everything you ever possessed has been stolen. You feel someone played with your emotions and with your soulful feelings and then left you to perish. You take vows of never falling in love again. You start shutting down to the world around you. You start building walls around you and start living in a cocoon. But don’t let all this shatter you to an extent of destroying yourself. You need to gather all your emotional courage and than the one who broke your heart. Thank him for saving you from any more damage than the one already caused. Aarti Khurana