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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Dream Of The Preeminently Phenomenal Kind Of Love

The idea of mediocre middle-of-the-road kind of ordinary love has never fascinated me. I have always been extremely obsessed with the preeminently phenomenal out of the world kind of love. I have always dreamt of a love that is incredible, exceptional and stunning beyond the comprehension of a normal human mind. The kind of love that you feel crawling passionately under your skin and slithering zealously through every nano particle of marrow that sits in your bones…© Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 28, 2020

I Have A Vintage Heart

I have a vintage heart and an old fashioned soul.
My love is beyond the clichéd idea of love.
I truly believe in the ecstatic intimacy of the souls.
I believe in timeless eternal love of twin flames.

© Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

She Is A Once In A Lifetime Woman

She is a rare blend of ,
Silly and Serious,
Dreams and Reality,
Feminity and Vigor,
Sensuality and Austerity,
Hellfire and Holywater,
Exquisite and Philistine,
She is a blessed soul.
She can perfectly fathom and unravel,
The inexplicable language of love
She is, A Healer, A Believer, A Keeper
She is a once in a lifetime woman.

 © Aarti Khurana

She Wanted To Love With All She Had

She wanted to love him,
In ways he had ever been loved.
For reasons no one ever told him.
For longer than he thought he deserved.
With more than he ever knew existed inside her.
He was her life. He was her world. He was her universe. 

©Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 21, 2020

To The World He's Just An Ordinary Man,

He always stood in the way, 
between me and pain,
His hands on my forehead 
took all my blues away, kept me sane...
He fought the world for me, 
with all the strength he can gather,
To the world he's just an ordinary man,
but for me he's my Father....
Happy Father's Day !
©Aarti Khurana 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Die Hard Lovers From A Past Life.

They were poles apart.
They had varied opinions.
They had different mindsets.
They were two different personalities.
They never agreed upon the same things.
But they were smitten and besotted by love.
Maybe they had been die hard lovers from a past life.
Their souls were strong alluring magnets for each other.
© Aarti Khurana

I Have Trapped Your Love Under My Bones

I have trapped your impassioned and fervent love,
in the secret closets under my bones.
I will carry them with me when I leave this world,
to grow the rarest wildflowers around my grave.
© Aarti Khurana

She Was Her Own Kind Of Beautiful

She was broken.
She was scarred.
She was flawed.
She was shattered.
She was her own kind of brave.
She was her own kind of beautiful.
She had risen from the ashes.
She was a phoenix.
© Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

My Soul Orbits With Your Soul

My soul orbits in perfect
harmony with your soul,
in the symphonic orchestra
of the universe.
© Aarti Khurana

Our Souls Are Spiritually and Eternally Wired

Our souls are spiritually and eternally wired to each other.
They were crafted to communicate effortlessly,
 till the end of time.
© Aarti Khurana

I Am Passionately In Love With You

I am madly, crazily, irrevocably, insanely, passionately, mentally, physically, soulfully, irreversibly, passionately, frantically, wildly, breathlessly, erratically, tempestuously, hysterically, restlessly, uncontrollably, emotionally, spiritually, zealously, enthusiastically, timelessly, and eternally in love with you... © Aarti Khurana

I Found My Eternal Home In Your Embrace

Your arms are my sanctum in this maddening world.
I found my eternal home in your embrace.
© Aarti Khurana

You Are My Tranquility

You are my peace. You are my tranquility.
You are my escape from this tumultuous world.
Only the profoundness of your soul 
can save my soul from the,
clamor and commotion of this world.
© Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Every Cell In My Body Responds To You

Every single cell in my body responds,
to the way you touch me,
to the way you look at me and
the way you whisper my name in my ears.
© Aarti Khurana

I Am Proud Of Your Choice

I take pride in the fact that you
choose me as the first and the only one to
plunge into the deep waters of your 
uninhabited soul.
© Aarti Khurana

Monday, June 15, 2020

Falling In Love With You Was Magical

Falling in love with you was so magical,
That I forgot everything that was wrong with,
the world around me. 
© Aarti Khurana

I Don’t Want To Know Life Without You

Your love gives me emotional strength. You are someone I can trust with my eyes closed. You are someone whom I can always count on. You see right through my soul and understand my pain. I will never forget that you embraced me with my flaws and loved me when I least deserved it. You understand my fears and my demons and you have always helped me to overcome them. You are so precious to me that I will never let you go. I want to hold your hand and walk with you to the end of the world. I don’t want to know life without you in it…© Aarti Khurana

I Am Overwhelmed With Your Presence In My Life

Sometimes I wonder how I would have survived if I hadn’t met you. You came in my life as a source of inspiration, strength and emotional courage. You came in my life as a stranger but slowly and slowly you became my best friend, my homie and my lover. You transformed my life from nothingness and everythingness. I am overwhelmed with your presence in my life. I love you from the depths of my heart and soul… © Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 14, 2020

I Won't Chase You To The Moon

I will love you to the moon and back but I wont chase you till there. I will never beg for your attention. I will wait for the love I deserve. © Aarti Khurana

Saturday, June 13, 2020

My Life Is Sorted With You By My Side

My life is sorted with you by my side. The only thought of knowing that you are there to love me, support me and hold me gives me the emotional energy to go through my tough days. I feel protected and shielded with you holding my hand. You are my knight in a shining armor. You are my blues buster and my stress smasher. You are the one who illuminates all the dark places in my heart and soul. You're all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one soul. I need you till there are beats in my heart. I need you till there is a soul in my body... © Aarti Khurana 

I Am Insanely In Love With You

It is so hard to believe that you saw beauty in the flaws I was trying to hide. You embraced me with my scars and effortlessly traced them to seep your love into my soul. I am insanely in love with every bit of you...© Aarti Khurana

The Moment I Close My Eyes

Every night when you hug me tightly, you take me on a trip of galactic bliss. The moment I close my eyes, I feel like I am on the edge of the galaxy. I see the stars, the moon and sometimes even the invisible rings around the planets. Only you can give me this feeling of floating with the stars and basking in their brightness. And then slowly I drift away to sleep peacefully with an awakened soul that shines in its own bright luminosity of eternal love...© Aarti Khurana

What Is Love...

What is love,
unless it doesn’t take,   
every cell of your body,
every inch of your bones,
every beat of your heart,
and every bit of your soul
in an eternal trance...
© Aarti Khurana

Friday, June 12, 2020

I Want To Keep You Treasured In My Heart

I want to write about us elaborately
Beyond the layers of fiction and fantasy
Yes, this is what I cherish to the core
and I do it with the intention of
Keeping you treasured in my heart
and in my soul’s every single pore
© Aarti Khurana

My Heart Is Your Cello

You are a cellist, my heart is your cello.
You effortlessly take my soul into an eternal trance,
Far from the chaotic cacophony of the world.
© Aarti Khurana

Thursday, June 11, 2020

When You Hold Me In Your Arms

Your pristine love rhythmically pulsates through,
Every nerve, every cell and every fiber of my being.
My heart bursts into zillions of gleaming bliss crystals,
When you hold me in your arms and breathe next to me…
© Aarti Khurana

She Had A Soul Of Silk

She had a soul of silk for him to possess,
Which she exquisitely draped around his soul,
Like an ethereal caress.
© Aarti Khurana

My Sky Is Not Blue Without You

My sky is not blue without you. I am waiting for you like the deserts wait for the rain. I have buried all my desires in the closets of my heart. My soul is earnestly waiting to unite with your soul. I am yearning to see you, to touch you and to feel you breathing right next to me. My life will begin to blossom only when you hold me in your arms. Till then I am just surviving... © Aarti Khurana

Your Resplendent Love Holds Me Like Gravity

You soul has grown intimate roots in my gypsy soul. 
Your resplendent love holds me down like gravity .
© Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I Will Always Choose You

I will always choose you....
Every single time
In all my pleasures
In all my sorrows
In all my triumphs
In all my failures
In all my suffering
In all my healing
In every situation
And in every version of my life.
© Aarti Khurana

The Way You Spill Your Soul Into Me

There is something explicitly spiritual about the way you spill your soul into me.
© Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

When We Embraced under The Night Sky

When we embraced under the night sky,
The constellations zealously yearned for a love like ours,
And the moon looked down upon us with envy,
© Aarti Khurana

My Camouflaged Heart Seeks Love

My camouflaged heart seeks,
© Aarti Khurana

I Want You For Eternity

Hold my hand and walk with me,
Walk with me to the place where the sun meets the moon,
Walk with me to that place where the stars hide at night,
Walk with me to that place where the sky meets the earth,
Walk with me to the place where the world ends,
For I want to sit with you and share all the secrets of my heart,
For I want to tell you every single thought crossing my mind,
For I want my soul to have secret conversations with your soul,
For I want no one to disturb me when I look into your eyes,
I want you for eternity and I won’t settle for less than that.
© Aarti Khurana

Monday, June 8, 2020

I Am Proud Of My Scars

I am proud of my scars.
For I carry them as my trophies.
They remind me of the battles I have fought.
They empower me with emotional resilience.
They motivate me to keep going strong.
They never let me forget that ,
© Aarti Khurana

One Day When I Wake Up In The Morning

One day, when I wake up in the morning, I won't be alone because I will wake up in your arms.  I won't have to text you or call you because I will be able to whisper ‘Good Morning’ in your ears. I won't miss you or feel lonely because you will be lying right next to me. One day you and I will be together forever… © Aarti Khurana

I Know Love Because Of You

I know love because of you.
I know love because you exist.
I know love because you are mine.
I know love because of your presence in my life
I know love because your soul belongs to me.
© Aarti Khurana

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hold Me Close To Your Heart

Put your arms around me,
Hold me close to where your heart beats,
Whisper a promise in my ears,
Kiss me on my forehead,
Say a vow to warm my soul.
For, I want to feel desired,
I want to feel wanted,
I want to feel loved to the core.
© Aarti Khurana

Love Me Like I Am The Skin You Live In

Love me like I am the air you breathe,
Love me like I am the beat in your heart,
Love me like I am the marrow in your bones,
Love me like I am the blood that runs in your veins,
Love me like I am the skin you live in,
Love me like you were created for me,
Love me like you were born for me,
Love me like you exist for me.
© Aarti Khurana

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Take Me Into Your Hands

Take me in your hands and
shape me into something beautiful,
turn me into something magical.
When the world is trying
to take away the air I breathe,
I trust your fingers.
© Aarti Khurana

You Are Just A Visitor On This Planet

We are all traveling through time. We are all on a unique journey on this planet. A journey of personal self growth, awakening, self realization and soulful evolution.. During this course of time we will meet many people. We will love some and we will hate some. We will form many relationships. Some will turn out to be good and some will turn out to be bad. We will fight our own battles. We will win some we will lose some. We will learn many lessons. Some will come easy and some will come hard. But in the end just try to give this journey a beautiful ending. Make your visit to this planet worth it… © Aarti Khurana

If He Truly Loves You

If he truly loves you and cares for you, he will never keep you waiting.He will give you his time and attention and the love you deserve.You will never have to beg for it....  © Aarti Khurana

Soul Mates Are Created From The Same Stardust

Soul mates are created from the same stardust. They are in love with each others souls even before they are born. They share a transcendental connection which is beyond human apprehension... © Aarti Khurana

Friday, June 5, 2020

I Want To Get Quarantined With You

I want to spend all my time with you.
I want to gt quarantined with you .
I am ready for a total lockdown.
I love you that much...
© Aarti Khurana

I Can Slow Dance With You Into Eternity

Resting my head on the shoulder of your night sky,
and feeling your arms around my aching bones,
I can slow dance with you into eternity.
© Aarti Khurana

Thursday, June 4, 2020

You Don't Have To Stay Broken Forever

If you are broken you have to gather all your courage to fix that brokenness because you don’t have to stay broken for ever. If you are in pain you have to endure it till you overcome the suffering. If you have scars you have to carry them as trophies of your mental and emotional battles. Save your soul from lifelong trauma and agony. Be your own hero. Heroes never give up and you have to be the hero in your own story... © Aarti Khurana

My Myths About Love Crashed

All my myths about love,
came crashing down like a house of cards
The day you left without saying goodbye

© Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I Don't Want A Fairy Tale Romance

I don’t want a fairy tale romance.
I want an ordinary love,
with an extraordinary journey.
© Aarti Khurana

Discover The Magic That Lies Deep Inside You

The day you discover and unearth
The magic that lies deep inside you  
You will end up loving yourself forever
© Aarti Khurana

We All Have Our Own Stories

We are all unique
We all have our own stories
We all have our own journeys
We meet people for a purpose
We meet people to learn lessons
We meet people to teach lessons
We are all traveling through time
We meet people…We are destined to meet
© Aarti Khurana