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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Everything About You Is Everything I Want For The Rest Of My Life

I don’t think of you except when I breathe. I feel you in every heartbeat. My nights are spent dreaming about you. My days are spent dreaming of a life with you. Everything about you is everything I want for the rest of my life…Aarti Khurana

I Miss You In Every Moment Of My Life

I miss you in every moment of my life but I miss you the most in the silent hours of the night when the whole world is sleeping and I am awake with thoughts of you. That is the time when I need you to hug me tightly and say, "You are not alone baby, I am always by your side"…Aarti Khurana

Sunday, November 26, 2017

No One Can Hate A Man With More Intensity Than A Woman Who Was Cheated By Him

Once you break the trust of a woman then it is very difficult to make her trust you all over again. A woman can love fiercely when she gets the same kind of love in return but when she feels cheated she will start holding back everything that her heart has to offer. Always remember that if a woman can do everything in her capacity to love a man then she can do everything in her capacity to hate the same man. If a woman can turn the world upside down to love a man then she can go to ends of the world to hate the same man when she is left physically and emotionally cheated by him. If a man takes a woman’s love for granted and cheats on her then even the deepest love of a woman can into the most intense hatred towards him. Don’t forget that no one can hate a man with more intensity than a woman who used to love him and was left shattered because of him...Aarti Khurana

I Miss Everything About You

Since the day you have gone I haven’t had a single peaceful day in my life. Your thoughts linger on my heart and soul day in and day out. I miss almost everything about you. I miss the warmth of your arms engulfed around me. I miss the grip of your fingers locked with my fingers. I miss your reassuring hand on my shoulder that was like a silent promise that nothing will ever go wrong between us. I miss your eyes piercing my soul. I miss your hands blissfully caressing my body. I miss the way you touched my soul and turned it insides out by softly and passionately kissing my lips. I miss the way you touched my heart with the relentless love of your heart.  I miss the way you intoxicated me my soul with the fiery passion of your soul. I miss the way you entranced me by your voice that made me cuddle and melt in your arms.  I miss the way your soulful love devoured my whole being. Your shadow has cast a spell over my entire existence and in the darkness of the night, I still surrender to you willingly...Aarti Khurana

Friday, November 24, 2017

I Want To Be Your Entire Sky

I want to be the place by the river where lilies grow, where you can sit and write love poems for me. I want to be your blue sky under which you can sit and dream, I want to be your moon which you can look at and feel your soul melting for me. I want to be the soft sand under your bare feet on which you can walk and take me with you to another lifetime where I can meet you again and love you all over again…Aarti Khurana

Happiness Is To Spend My Life With You

Happiness is when I look at the moon and I cherish the entire day I gifted you by pampering you, cuddling with you, talking to you, laughing with you. Happiness is when I look at the morning sun and think of the night you gifted me…The night I spent in your arms feeling your breath on my neck and your heart beating next to mine. This feeling is so euphoric and blissful that I am loving it to the core…Aarti Khurana

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The more I was pushed towards darkness, the more I was ready to receive light

The more I was chipped by life, The more I was broken, The more cracks that had opened in my heart and the more crevices I had developed within my soul…The more I was ready to receive love, cherish love, embrace love and let love effortlessly seep through those cracks which were left by emotionless, heartless and reckless people who never deserved me. The more I was pushed towards darkness, the more I was ready to receive love and light...Aarti Khurana

Your Love Has Put Hope Into My Shattered Heart

I was living in a cocoon of sadness and I had no idea when my suffering would end. But even in the midst of my pain and misery, I wanted to fall in love again. The desire to fall in love all over again was brimming in my soul because I wanted to heal my aching soul. I wanted someone to hold me in his arms and kiss my forehead to assure me that my sad days had come to an end. I was living days on end in the hope of finding true and relentless love. Then I met you and all my dreams came true. You put hope into my shattered heart and you healed my soul with your powerful love. You have elevated my soul to a dimension beyond human comprehension. Your love has raised me to the state where love defies all logic and becomes eternal...Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Your Love Amazes Me

Your love amazes me so much that every day I love you more than yesterday. I can’t imagine a single day of my life without you. The best part of me is when I’m with you. I will keep loving you till the night sky runs out of stars. I will keep loving you till the sky is no longer blue. Your love is the reason I wake up to another day. You are the only reason behind my smile. I will love you till I have beats in my heart. I will love you till I breathe my last. Your love is my lifeline… Aarti Khurana

Relationships Last Long When You Nurture Them and Cherish them

Relationships last long because
They share a perfect chemistry
They are strengthened by unconditional love
They thrive on honesty and sincerity
They are built on a strong foundation of trust
They are nurtured with love and affection
They are woven with emotional and soulful intimacy
They are enriched with maturity and understanding
They don’t lack communication and transparency
They are nurtured with love, care, and affection
They are decorated with utmost compatibility
And last but not the least, relationships last longer when two people in love make a promise to each other to fight the world together, to live together, to love together and to end up together … Aarti Khurana

Monday, November 20, 2017

When I Pictured Myself Without You, I Saw The Love I Deserved

I know I couldn’t gather the emotional courage to say “I Love You” before you left but since the day you have gone, I am missing a part of me. Whenever the thought of love crosses my mind, I only think about you. I think of all those beautiful moments I spent with you, talking to you about life and listening to your childhood stories. I didn’t have the courage to stop you from going because my heart has been broken before and somewhere in my heart I told myself that I would never settle again and I wanted to be single. But then I met you and I fell in love all over again. And the moment you left, I felt a vacuum in my life because when I pictured my entire life without you, I started to see the love I deserve...Aarti Khurana

You Are The Only One I Seek In The Entire World

I agree that my erratic mood swings and out of the blue immature behavior annoys you. I fight with you, I argue with you, I throw tantrums at times but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Many times I pretend that I don’t need you and I don’t care for you but I only end up feeling that I am fooling myself and I fall deeper in love with you after that. I know it annoys you when I behave like a kid but it’s just that sometimes I want more of your attention and I crave to get pampered by you. I don’t intend to annoy you or irritate you with my behavior, it’s just that when I feel lonely I need more time from you. You are the only one I seek in this entire world and you are the only one who can handle me perfectly. I love you for your maturity and your understanding. I love you for all that you do to make me feel loved and special...Aarti Khurana

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Never Stoop Down To The Level Of Those Who Try To Malign You

Always stand your ground and never allow anything or anyone break your soul. People will do everything in their capacity to knock you down and make you fall but you have to everything in your capacity to hold our head high and stand tall. Never stoop down to the level of those who try to belittle you or malign you. Stay calm and focus on the purpose of your life...Aarti Khurana

I Won't Sit And Whine Over Unrequited Love

I loved you with all that I had in my heart and my soul. I trusted you blindly because I thought my kind of love would get relentless love in return. But you broke my heart and you shattered all my dreams about soulful love. My soul aches every time I think of the way you trampled over my loving heart and chose to leave me in a mess. It hurts, I cry and I am suffering because I am human. I cannot let you come back to me now. I am not an angel and I am not a Goddess. I needed my share of love in return. But I won’t whine over unrequited love and I won’t sit and brood over my broken heart for the rest of my life. I have gathered my emotional and soulful strength and I will stand tall regardless of what you did to me. I embrace that I am stronger than you thought I was. I am leaving behind every thought and every memory that hurts me and I am on a journey to discover who I am...Aarti Khurana 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Want To Be In Your Arms Eternally

You walked into my life and made everything around me so breathtakingly beautiful that I don’t remember what I used to be before I met you. You gave me the feelings that I have craved for all my life. I have waited all my life for a love like yours. Now I am so lost in your love that I can’t imagine my world without you. Whatever I have with you, I want it forever. I never want to let go. I want to forever feel your hugs and kisses. I want to forever lie on your chest while I drift off to sleep. I want to forever feel the warmth of your body close to mine. I want to forever hear your heart beating next to mine. I want you forever. I want your love forever. I want to be in your arms eternally. I am madly in love with you… Aarti Khurana

And Then I Finally Moved On

 I was ready for a lifelong relationship. I was also ready for commitments, compromises and all sorts of adjustments. But I started growing cold feet when I started noticing the changes in your behavior towards me. I put in all my efforts to understand you and to embrace you even when you were changing but I walked away when I felt that you were no longer the same man I fell in love with. Something had drastically changed in you. You had suddenly started behaving like a stranger. You became emotionally and soulfully out of reach for me. I tried to make it all work for us but I gave up trying when I couldn’t feel the emotional intimacy we shared. You stopped showing your affection towards me. You stopped reacting to my feelings. You stopped responding to my love. I had started moving on when I started feeling that my feelings and emotions didn’t matter to you, my tears didn’t matter to you, my pain didn’t matter to you and last but not the least my presence in your life didn’t matter to you…Aarti Khurana

Friday, November 17, 2017

Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes...I See A Promise Of A Lifetime

The greatest thrill of my life is to have you in my arms and I feel this every morning when I wake up and every night when I fall asleep. Just being next to you gives me so much peace that I forget the world around me. Every time I hold your hands I feel like these are the hands that carry my destiny. Every time I look into your eyes I see a promise of a lifetime. Every time I hear your heartbeats I am reassured that you are the only one who deserves my heart and I know you will treasure it like your own and never hurt me. And when I hug you tightly I feel protected from the rest of the world. Every time we meet I fall in love with you over and over again and I am more and more convinced each time that we belong together and there was no one else who could have ever taken your place in my heart, in my soul, in my mind, and in my life. You are everything that I ever wanted in my entire life. The thought of spending the rest of my life in your arms gives me the feeling that I have won the world a million times over…Aarti Khurana

I Love You Beyond The Capacity Of My Heart

I love you without asking for anything in return. My love for you is purely unconditional I love you for no particular reason or for any particular cause. My love is undoubtedly the purest and the most honest form of love. I love you beyond the capacity of my heart and beyond the parameters of my soul. I love you with every fabric of my being and with every essence of my existence. I love you beyond any measure, beyond any dimension and beyond any sense of rationality. I love you like the night sky loves the moon. I love you like the ocean loves the shore…Aarti Khurana

You Made My Life Beautiful With Your Relentless Love

All those years ago we accidentally stumbled into each other because we were destined to fall in love and we were destined to be in this beautiful relationship. The most amazing feeling in the world is to have the love of my life in my arms. The best feeling in the world is to know that I have a special place in your life and in your heart. I feel so proud when I see how strongly we belong to each other. I want to sleep and wake up next to you for the rest of my life. I want to be in your arms forever. You have really made my life mesmerizing and beautiful with your relentless love. I never want to let go what we have built together. I never want to let go the strong and passionate feelings for each other. I want to share these feelings with you forever. Now, I am in love with you to the point of no return.Always remember that, Just like some things in the world never change, my love for you shall remain true forever…Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Don't Dream Of the Stars And The Moon, I Dream Of You

I don’t dream of the stars and the moon. My dreams are made of spending endless time with you wrapped in your arms. I want to live in a trance where I am drunk on your love with every moment of my life intoxicated with your fragrance. I want you in every possible way a woman would want the love of a man. You belong to me and I say this from the deepest pit of my heart and soul…Aarti Khurana

When I Look Into Your Eyes

You eyes have a hold on my heart and my soul. When I look into your eyes, I see them holding my entire life. And when I look deeper, I see a beautiful sunrise, I see my universe. I will choose you in a hundred life times. I will choose you in a million worlds I find you in...Aarti Khurana 

I Am Bruised But I am Not Broken

This is for all those who have backstabbed me, bad mouthed me and the ones who have tried to sabotage my life. All that you did to bring me down has actually made me stronger and helped me gain back my emotional courage. I might seem shattered but I am not scattered. I might look bruised but I am not yet broken. I am hurt but I still have hope in my heart.  I will never give up trying to rise above all those who tried to belittle me because no matter how devastated I am but I am not dead...Aarti Khurana

When I Say I Love You, I Mean It For The Rest Of My Life

When I say I love you then I want you to know that I can’t survive a single day without your smile. When I say I love you, I mean I will never give you a reason to leave. When I say I love you, then I want you to believe that I am the kind of woman who cannot walk away from love as easily as most people do. When I say I love you, then I want to assure you that I am here to stay and do all that I can do to make you feel like the most loved man in the universe. When I say I love you, then I want you to have faith in me that I won't give up on us even if the skies get rough. When I say I love you, I mean it for the rest of my life...Aarti Khurana

My Fingers Are So Perfectly Shaped To Fit With Yours

If you ever wonder what makes us so perfect for each other than let me tell you that we have been evolving for each other since time unknown. My fingers are shaped so perfectly to fit into your fingers, My heart is designed so perfectly to beat with your heart. My soul is perfectly configured to remain entwined with your soul until the end of time and beyond eternity…Aarti Khurana

You Are An Eternally Awaited Dream Of My Soul

My life was like a moonless night. Not a single star I could see. When I met you and searched your soul...There were a million galaxies waiting just for me...And then you whispered my name into the air and my soul unfurled into a million bright stars to merge with your soul like an eternally awaited dream come true…Aarti Khurana

I Want My Heart To Surrender To Your Heart

I want to meet you where the sun travels on the tips of the waves and then slowly surrenders to the depth of the ocean leaving a beautiful hue in the sky. This is how I want my heart to surrender to your heart. This is how I want to drown in your essence. This is how I want to love you. This is how I want our souls to blend into each other. This is how I want your existence to surround me, encompass me, engulf me and love me completely…Aarti Khurana

Sunday, November 12, 2017

If He Loves You He Will Never Let You Down

If he loves you he will always treat you right and never let you down. He will respect you and appreciate the relationship he shares with you. He will accept you wholeheartedly and give you a special place in his life. He will not make you wait around till he is ready. A real man will always know your value and your true worth… Aarti Khurana

If You Haven't Kissed Her Scars....You Haven't Loved Her Truly

If you haven’t seen her at her worst, haven’t felt her madness and haven’t tasted her craziness then you haven’t loved her from the depths of your soul. If you haven’t kissed her scars, haven’t caressed her wounds and haven’t touched her aching bones then you haven’t loved her from the depths of your soul. If she hasn’t told you things that she fears telling herself. If she hasn’t shed her inhibitions for you and if she hasn’t shared her dreams and fantasies with you then you haven’t touched the depths of her heart and soul. The day she comes to you without a fake smile and without any masks …that day she will give you her complete self and then she will belong to you ever…Aarti Khurana

Saturday, November 11, 2017

My Heart Can't Stay Away From Your Heart

I can resist you. I can stay away from you. But my heart can’t stay away from your heart and my soul craves for your soul. I am mesmerized by the beats of your heart and I am enchanted by the depths of your soul. You have bewitched me and I am spellbound by the love I feel for you. I don’t want my soul to come out of this trance...Aarti Khurana 

You Redefined The Meaning Of Love For Me

I don’t love you just because you healed my aching soul. I don’t love you just because you gathered the broken pieces of my heart. I love you because you saw the spark in me which could light the fire in your soul. You accepted me with all my flaws without judging me and you gave me a place in your heart. I love you because you fulfilled all my emotional and soulful cravings. I love you because you did not try to change me to fit into your life but you made efforts to change yourself to fit into mine. I love you because when I had forgotten how to love you helped me rediscover the ability to love unconditionally. You redefined the meaning of love for me and changed me forever... Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

You Became My Forever

The day you held my hand...You became my TOMORROW...The day you touched my soul you became my FOREVER...Aarti Khurana

Where There Is Love There Is A Way

Are you putting your relationship at stake by your irrational behavior about silly fights? Are you taking your fights way to far? Stop making your fights bigger by prolonging them. Letting your thoughts run wild to the negative side can cause a premature end to your relationship. Unfortunately, over time, for a variety of reasons, many couples move further apart from each other because of rough patches and misunderstandings. To build a rock-solid relationship, try to let go and try to forgive and forget. One of the secrets to a long, fulfilling relationship is to let go and move on. Always remember that where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is love, there is a willingness to sort out problems and issues. When you are in a relationship where love matters more than anything else then there can be nothing that can hamper the beauty of your relationship. Your relationship can weather the toughest times if you are standing tall together with your partner through the bad phases of our relationship...Aarti Khurana

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

If She Tells You Her Problems....She trusts you

If a woman loves you then she will share all her problems with you. She will pour her heart to you. She will tell you everything that she is facing or going through. But this doesn’t mean she is weak or vulnerable. If a woman shares all her problems with you, it doesn’t mean she needs sympathy or any shoulder to lean on. This also doesn’t mean she needs your help to solve her issues or pull her out of all her troubles. She tells you all her problems because she simply trusts you and she feels that you are worthy of being a part of her life. She pours her heart out to you so that she can gain emotional strength by venting out all that is weighing her down. So when she shares something with you, just hold her hand and listen. That is all she needs from the man she loves...Aarti Khurana

Lovers Crave For Each Others Presence

Lovers crave for each others time, attention, presence and personal touch in everything they do. They want to be involved in everything about each other. When you love someone from the deepest places of your heart and soul, then the best thing that you can give is your valuable presence because even the most expensive gifts can’t replace the time you give them. Sometimes when you give your undivided time and attention to the ones you love, they cherish those moments for a lifetime. They might forget your precious gifts but they will never forget your love and attention which they got by your presence. So never miss out on any chance when you can give your time and attention to someone you love...Aarti Khurana

Monday, November 6, 2017

Never Give Up On A Man Who Healed Your Soul

You will come across many men in your life and you might even get attracted to them but the one man with whom you will fall head over heels in love is the one who will heal your soul. The one who will make you smile when you are crying and make you feel loved to the core. He will be the man who will gather the broken pieces of your heart and hold you together just refusing to let you go no matter what the future has in store. And this is the man with whom you will want to spend the rest of your life...Aarti Khurana

I Want To Love You In Every Possible Way

I don’t dream of the stars and the moon. My dreams are made of spending endless time with you wrapped in your arms. I want to live in a trance where I am drunk on your love with every moment of my life intoxicated with your fragrance. I want you in every possible way a woman would want the love of a man. You belong to me and I say this from the deepest pit of my heart and soul…Aarti Khurana

Love Is An Act Of Total Surrender

If you are madly in love with someone then always remember that love is an act of total surrender. Falling in love is about ending up in neck-deep complicated abyss of emotions. You cannot love completely without giving your all to your partner. You cannot love deeply if you hide your feelings and emotions from the one who probably needs to know your true feelings. Never keep your emotions bottled up inside you and let them out. You can only love completely when you share your feelings and emotions with your partner...Aarti Khurana

I Did Not Know Love Until I Met You

Amidst the hubbub and commotion on this whole planet…Only your love makes perfect sense to me...I can say this with utmost certainty and with absolute honesty that I did not know what love was until I met you…Aarti Khurana

Saturday, November 4, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Couple

You don’t need to be perfect to be in a beautiful relationship because there is no such thing as a perfect couple. But there are people who are made just for each other and they just click together because they complement each other beautifully. They may be poles apart in their personalities but they are still compatible. It’s not about being likeminded but it’s about being consistent. The beauty of a relationship is that although you don’t agree on many things you still crave to be together. Despite all their fights on silly things they are so crazy about each other. They have different tastes for everything but they are so utterly passionate about each other. They are two different personalities but so in love with each other’s soul...Aarti Khurana

I Have Walls Around My Heart Because I Am Guarding It

Yes !!! I have emotional walls around my heart and they are extremely high as well. But I did not put them there deliberately. I did not raise them overnight. I have been made to do so. I have been backstabbed, shattered and broken. I have been walked upon and left dead in the tracks for no fault of mine. My heart has been broken more than once and this is the reason I am protecting my heart from any more damage. I did not build walls around my heart to make it hard for people to come in or to get close to me but I wanted to see who can make some genuine conscious efforts to climb them and take all the room in my heart forever. Till then I am healing and guarding my heart from being used or taken for granted...Aarti Khurana

Friday, November 3, 2017

Never Belittle Yourself For Anyone

Sometimes when we want someone to accept us in their life, we make all sorts of efforts to fit in their equation of life. We also end up shrinking in terms of emotions and feelings. We try to show that we are less sensitive, less judgmental, less important and less needy. We do this because we don’t want to push away people and we don’t want to come across someone who is more of a burden than a pleasure. We want to be liked, loved and accepted easily. Slowly and slowly we keep sacrificing our true personality to become someone’s idea of a perfect human being. Then comes that moment in your life when in trying to make someone happy, you end up losing the essence of your own true personality. You forget to recognize yourself. Always remember that you matter, your existence matters, your opinion matters and you are worthwhile just the way you are. Never belittle yourself for someone just to get accepted in their life, just to get their love and affection or just to “fit in”...Aarti Khurana

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Am Blessed To Have You In My Life

Every time I look up at the sky I thank my lucky stars for guiding my heart and soul to you. You came into my life when my life was like a day without sunshine. Your love has pulled me out from a dark cocoon of sadness. I was very very very lonely and my life was only surrounded by tears, sadness, misery and pain. You came in my life just like a bright glimmer of light enters a dark tunnel. You put life back into my heart and made me feel alive again. I love you so much that I want to spend every single moment of my life with you. I want to grow old with you. My life is so complete with you and I would give up all the riches of the world for the comfort of sleeping in your arms. Your love has erased all the memories of sorrow and pain that I suffered and I have almost forgotten my past. I want a beautiful future with you. I want to take my last breath in your arms and I want your face to be the last thing I see before I close my eyes forever. If there comes a day in your life when the world comes crashing down on you, I will still fight the world for you until the end of time. I love you more than you will ever know. My entire life revolves around you. You are my world. You are my universe. You are my everything. I'm so blessed to have you in my life that I can’t stop thanking the heavens above. Your precious love means more than anything to me. Your love is my stairway to heaven...Aarti Khurana

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Eternal Love Starts A Fire That Can Never Be Extinguished

One day you will stumble upon a beautiful soul and fall madly, crazily and deeply in love. You will fall in love with his heart and his soul. His soul will set your soul on fire which will never extinguish. You may not end up with him for the rest of your life but you will always keep him safe in your heart and you will never give his place to anyone else. This is called soulful and eternal love which starts a fire that can never be extinguished even by the deadliest storms...Aarti Khurana

Your Love Transformed My Black And White Soul

Your love transformed my black and white soul into a rainbow...Aarti Khurana