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Sunday, November 26, 2017

I Miss Everything About You

Since the day you have gone I haven’t had a single peaceful day in my life. Your thoughts linger on my heart and soul day in and day out. I miss almost everything about you. I miss the warmth of your arms engulfed around me. I miss the grip of your fingers locked with my fingers. I miss your reassuring hand on my shoulder that was like a silent promise that nothing will ever go wrong between us. I miss your eyes piercing my soul. I miss your hands blissfully caressing my body. I miss the way you touched my soul and turned it insides out by softly and passionately kissing my lips. I miss the way you touched my heart with the relentless love of your heart.  I miss the way you intoxicated me my soul with the fiery passion of your soul. I miss the way you entranced me by your voice that made me cuddle and melt in your arms.  I miss the way your soulful love devoured my whole being. Your shadow has cast a spell over my entire existence and in the darkness of the night, I still surrender to you willingly...Aarti Khurana

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