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Sunday, November 19, 2017

I Won't Sit And Whine Over Unrequited Love

I loved you with all that I had in my heart and my soul. I trusted you blindly because I thought my kind of love would get relentless love in return. But you broke my heart and you shattered all my dreams about soulful love. My soul aches every time I think of the way you trampled over my loving heart and chose to leave me in a mess. It hurts, I cry and I am suffering because I am human. I cannot let you come back to me now. I am not an angel and I am not a Goddess. I needed my share of love in return. But I won’t whine over unrequited love and I won’t sit and brood over my broken heart for the rest of my life. I have gathered my emotional and soulful strength and I will stand tall regardless of what you did to me. I embrace that I am stronger than you thought I was. I am leaving behind every thought and every memory that hurts me and I am on a journey to discover who I am...Aarti Khurana 

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