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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Every Relationship Goes Through Rough waters

Relationships don’t come with a tag perfection. Every relationship goes through hurdles and rough waters. There are hardly any smooth relationships. There are difficult times and tough situations in every relationship and all couples have to go through them. The important part is not having a relationship without problems, the important part is trying to strengthen your relationship despite the odds. When you try to stick to each other despite all your issues and all your problems , that is when you are working towards perfection...Aarti Khurana

Are You Honest With Your Partner?

Loyalty and honesty in a relationship as important as the sir you breathe in. These are the most important elements to keep a relationship on track. The day loyalty and honesty vanish from your relationship then nothing can save your relationship from breaking apart.  Relationships when broken cannot be fixed. Loyalty is the best gifts you can give to someone you love. If you aren't happy with your partner then just tell them directly but at least don't cheat. Cheating even though its emotional cheating can give someone unbearable pain for an entire lifetime and leave them suffering forever...Aati Khurana