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Monday, April 30, 2018

One Day She Will Be Done With Living In A Nightmare

If she falls in love with you she will love you with all her dedication and devotion. She will be head over heels in love with you and she will be connected to you in every possible sense. She will fulfill all the physical, emotional and soulful demands of a relationship. But when she sees that everything is one sided and she is not even being loved back then she will grow cold feet and go blank because her emotions also have an expiry date. One day she will be done with living in a nightmare and she will choose to let go when she can no longer cope up with your pride, your ego and your arrogance. There will come a day when she will finally realize that she is done with trying to make her relationship work and that day she will gather all her inner strength and she will pack her emotional baggage to move out of your life. Only after she is gone, you will realize what you have lost. You will regret losing the woman who loved you so much that she almost forgot to love herself. You will regret losing the woman who was ready to go to the ends of the world just for you. You will miss the woman who kept holding your hand and stood by you even though she was never appreciated by you. You will miss the woman who loved you unconditionally even though she was never cherished by you. You’ll remember her every morning when you wake up and every night when you are alone on your bed. You will miss her face, her eyes, her smile and her fragrance. You will miss her conversations and her fights. To be honest you will miss her so terribly that you might even cry for her. But the day you realize that she was the one for you, she will be long gone and she will never come back… Aarti Khurana

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