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Sunday, April 15, 2018

You Charmed Your Way Into My Life

You came in my life when I was running away from the chaos of the world and I was hiding myself inside a cocoon. I had suffered so much because of heartbreak that I had built walls around me so that no one could get close to my heart ever again. I had completely lost my faith in love and I thought I would never find new love in my life. But you came in my life like a ray of hope and filled my life with brightness all over again. Layer by layer you tore down all the walls of my heart and made a special place in my life. You warmed my soul and healed it with your soothing touch. You charmed your way into my life and now my life revolves around you. I don’t need a sunrise or a sunset to start and end my days…I just need your arms around me. I don’t need a clock to check the time because the only time that is important for me is the time spent in your arms. I don’t need to see the calendar for days, weeks and months. I only count the days I spend with you. You make my life beautiful, mesmerizing and magical. You are always on my mind and you shall forever remain in my heart and soul. My heart says that your soul and my soul have always belonged to each other. I want to love you with every single bone, every single cell and every single atom in my body. I want to love you without boundaries, without dimensions and without any parameters. You are my happiness, my reason to smile, my reason to breathe, and my reason to wake up every day…Aarti Khurana

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