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Saturday, April 28, 2018

You Made Me Understand The True Meaning Of Love

It is because of you that now I know the true meaning of love. You made me understand the true meaning of love and changed the way I thought about love. I used to think that love is always about grand expressions of love and big romantic gestures like they show it in the movies or the way they write in the romantic novels. But now with you in my life, I have realized that love can be found, felt and cherished in small gestures and simple things. It is because of you that I cherish love in the simplest things, like long drives, holding hands and walking on the beach, spending a blissful morning sipping coffee together or writing love notes to each other. Now I know that love can be found in spending a blissful morning in the kitchen with you, dancing in the rain together, watching sunsets and watching the night sky together. It is because of you I can feel love in small throwaway moments like when your missed call gives me goose bumps and when your text messages make butterflies flutter in my stomach. Now I know that what actually holds love together are the small gestures of love and the small ways in which you can make each other feel special…Aarti Khurana

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