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Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Want You For The Rest Of My Journey

When I first saw you I could not take my eyes off your charming face
You mesmerized me and swept me off my feet with your elegance and grace
At first I thought I was dreaming coz You seemed like a prince out of a fairy tale.
But deep in my heart I knew that with you in my life it won’t be dull and pale
I believe that we are made for each other and our bond shall forever stay strong 
A love like our happens once in a lifetime and nothing between us can go wrong
I thank you for touching every single chord of my soul with the magic of your love. 
We were meant to be coz we were paired up to be together in the heavens above
I want you for the rest of my journey and I want you for the rest of my days
We will together have a beautiful life and love each other in a million ways
My heart continuously feels healed and overjoyed since the day you came
You are my Quintessential Lover , My best friend and Twin Flame
Aarti Khurana

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