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Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Will Let You Go And Move On With A Proud Heart

My heart was filled with joy when you came in my life. I was surrounded with happiness and cheer. But just when I started cherishing your presence in my life you turned everything into a nightmare. You stole my heart with your charm and then you played with it. You treated my heart like a toy, broke ruthlessly and left it shattered into a million bits and pieces. You did not think about the pain that I would have to go through because of you. You never cared about my feelings and my emotions when you cheated on me. You have left me so sad and lonely that now life with filled with miserable pain. My soul is wounded and it aches all the time. Do you know it will take many months or even years for me to put all this behind and move on? Do you know that it takes a lifetime for someone with a broken heart to trust someone all over again? But now all there is no use telling you all this because at the end of it all what matters most to me is that I loved you from the deepest abyss of my heart and soul. What matters most to me is that I never cheated on you and I was completely honest with you. What matters most to me that I didn’t fail at loving you… And with this I will let you go and move on with a proud heart …Aarti Khurana

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