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Saturday, December 30, 2017

You Will Miss Her When She Is Gone

The best feeling in a woman’s life is when she is emotionally and soulfully attached to a man and he makes her feel that she means the world to him. When a woman says she loves you she will want to become a special part of your life. She will chase you, adore you, pamper you and spoil you. She will wait for your text messages and your calls. She will wait for your time and attention. She will love you endlessly and her life will revolve around you.  All she will want from you is to reciprocate her love and show her that you care about her.  She wants to be adored, cherished and loved. But if you fail to love her back she will feel dejected and get tired of waiting for your appreciation or your affection. And then one day when she will be gone.  You will miss her when you will no longer get her text messages and her phone calls. You will miss her voice when she will no longer call out your name.  You will miss her face when she won’t be there to wish you good morning or good night. You will miss her when she won’t be there to care about you. She won't be there to share your morning coffee, she won’t be there at the dinner table waiting for you, she won't be there to love you. That is when you will realize what she meant to you. This is when you will regret neglecting a woman who loved you with all her heart and soul. Show her that you love her when she is there for you rather than miss her when she is gone...Aarti Khurana

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