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Thursday, December 7, 2017

She Will Love You Till The End Of Her Days

If she falls in love with you then there is no looking back
She will leave no stone unturned on her love track
Her days will be yours and her nights will belong to you
She will love you endlessly through and through
She will forget her own world and find her world in your eyes.
Her life will revolve around you from the earth to the skies
She will seek your love, care, time and attention
All she will desire from you is to be loved back in return
She will love you with all her heart until the end of her days
She will love you with all she has and in a million beautiful ways
But if she is hurt and neglected she will wither out soon
She will take a step back and go back into her cocoon
Never treat a loving woman badly and never play with her heart
Love unrequited can shatter her forever and tear her apart
A woman who loves you with her heart and soul is a keeper
Treasure her, love her and cherish her before she is gone forever
Aarti Khurana

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