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Sunday, December 10, 2017

You Are My One, My Only And My Everything

 For years on end I have waited for this day,
The day when our love would find its way.
The moment I saw you, I gave you my heart and my soul,
The feeling was so strong that I had no control.

With you in my life I feel so complete,
No more pain and no one to compete.
I feel so lucky now that I have you,
You are a blessing and a dream come true.

If I say I love you I will give you my all,
I will give you everything and expect nothing at all.
I will love you forever and with all my heart,
I will stay by your side without a single moment apart.

You are everything I could ever desire,
You warm my heart and set my soul on fire.
Every single day I spend with you, my heart truly sings,
You are My one, My only and My everything.

Aarti Khurana

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