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Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Will Never Allow Anyone To Treat My Heart Like A Toy

Yes, I am single. Yes, I am happy. Yes, I also want to fall in love but I am not interested in those casual short term love affairs where sex and dating are the only highlights of the whole relationship. If I ever fall in love then I want a long lasting and strong relationship. I want to be someone who cannot be dumped or given up on easily. I am ready to give everything I can to my relationship but I also want some efforts from the man I fall in love with. I don’t want my feelings to be played with or my emotions to be tossed around. I don’t want my heart to be treated like a toy and I don’t want my body to be used just for physical pleasures. I will never hesitate to show my love for the man I fall in love with. I am willing to make all sorts of sacrifices and I am also ready to compromise on things. I will go to any extent to pour out all my love I carry in my heart for him. I might even forget to love myself in the process of loving him. But I don’t want my efforts to go unnoticed. I want him to cherish being loved. I want him to love me back. I want him to crave to be with me. I want his undivided time and attention. I don’t want the feeling of being pushed away and being taken for granted. I want a relationship that other’s envy. I want a love that lasts my entire lifetime. Yes, if I ever fall in love, I want all of this…Aarti Khurana

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