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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stop Putting Yourself Through Pain

Are you still waiting for him to change after so long? Are you waiting for some magic to work on him? Are you still hoping that he will love you back just the way you want him to? When it hasn’t happened for such a long time and despite all your efforts then what is keeping you in this relationship. If you are done with trying and done with crying then it’s now time to move from being a victim of emotional abuse. You are wasting your time and attention on a man who doesn’t even care. You are just trying to change a man who doesn’t even deserve your love and attention. If there was any scope for change it would have happened long time back. Now it is time for you to stop putting yourself through pain and move on in your life. You have just one life and you deserve happiness. So stop investing precious moments of your life on a man who is not emotionally present in your life. Move on and find your own happiness and peace ... Aarti Khurana

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