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Friday, January 12, 2018

I Don't Need A Perfect Lover

I have loved you from the deepest pit of my heart and soul. I can go to the ends of the world just for you. I can wait for you endlessly only if you promise to return. I can love you till my last breath only if you reciprocate my love. I can make our relationship rock only if you are willing to work on it with me. I can fight the world for you with one hand if you are willing to hold my other hand firmly. But I don’t see any efforts from your side. I don’t see you craving for me like I crave for you. I don’t see you loving me the way I do. I don’t get any special attention from you just the way I give you. I don’t get your time and I don’t get your attention. I have my emotional needs which need to be fulfilled. I have a lot of patience. I can endure pain. I can forgive you a million times. But I have my needs and I have my limits. I am not a saint. I am just a simple girl who needs love and care. I don’t need a perfect lover but I need someone who can love me perfectly. I don’t want a perfect life but I want a happy life with the one I love...Aarti Khurana


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