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Sunday, January 14, 2018

It Takes A brave Heart To Love Someone Even When They Stop Loving You

Sometimes no matter how much you try you just can’t stop loving someone with whom you have shared a piece of your soul. You don’t even stop loving them even when they stop showing their love towards you. You might portray something else because of anger and resentment in your heart but deep in your heart you know that no matter what they do, you can’t love another. You just stop showing love and affection because you don’t want anyone to disrespect your feelings. This is also the time when you realize that the most difficult task in life is to remove someone from your heart. But if you love someone despite the fact that they don’t love you anymore then you have a brave heart. Always remember it takes a strong heart to love someone but it needs a braver heart to keep loving someone even after being hurt...Aarti Khurana

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