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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I Believe in You, I Believe In Me, I Believe In Us

 How could I have let you go? How could I have unloved you? How could I have let my word come crashing down if you were gone? Only after I met you I realized that the universe sends you what you are seeking and but then you need to treasure it and cherish it. I can never find another soul in this world to call my soulmate. I have given you my all. You have seen me at my best and you have seen me at my worst. I have shared all my joys with you and I have also shared my pain. You have seen me broken and you have seen me whole. You are the only one who understands my pain. You know my demons and you know how to help me overcome them. I shed all my inhibitions for you, I showed you all my vulnerabilities, I shared my weaknesses with you. I let you trace my wounds with your seasoned hands. I gave you the best parts of my soul and now I cannot survive without you. It will take me an entire lifetime or death to overcome the pain of your absence from my life. I still believe in us, and I am sure you still believe in us too...Aarti Khurana

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