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Friday, July 14, 2017

My Only Desire Is To Grow Old With You

Tears and laughter. Smiles and frowns. Struggles and triumphs. Our relationship has gone through good and bad times. We have had our share of arguments and fights. But after every fight, we have made up beautifully and loved each other like never before. It is because the joy of living together with each other is so overwhelming and exciting that no matter what comes between us we are madly and crazily in love with each other. We know that we share an extraordinary and special bond and we just can’t afford to take any grudges to our heart because the essence of our relationship is true, honest, deep and pure love. You handle me at my worst. You understand all that my heart wants to say. You are all that I want. I just pray that we end up like the LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER kind of lovers. My only desire is to grow old with you and stay by your side till the end of time….. Aarti Khurana

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