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Thursday, July 13, 2017

It Is Impossible To Forget What I Had With you

I am trying hard. I am trying my best. I am putting in all my efforts to erase your memories from my mind. But the harder I try to forget you, the more I find myself thinking about you. It is becoming difficult now and I am falling deeper and deeper in the abyss of your memories. You have left a permanent imprint of your existence on my soul and no matter how hard I try….I simply cannot erase it. I keep getting flashes of your face. The way your face used to brighten up when I used to come and sit next to you. The way you used to constantly stare at me and then suddenly twinkle your eyes. The way you used to look deep into my eyes and take me in a trance with the magic you carry in your eyes. I can still feel the hold of your arms around me. I can still feel my soul engulfed in your fragrance. Every time I picture your face in my head, I feel like you are the only one I could have ever loved. So how can I forget you? I think I will live with your memories forever because it is impossible to forget what I had with you...Aarti Khurana 


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