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Saturday, March 24, 2018

True Love Is When You Hold On To Each Other In Every Situation

Falling in love is easy but you can only stay in love if your love is true. True love is not a short-lived fantasy or a fairy tale. It is not about dating, clubbing or sleeping with someone for physical pleasure. It is an eternal feeling that connects two hearts beautifully. It is an immortal bond of two souls. When you love someone truly then you become inseparable in every possible sense and there is nothing that can tear you apart. True love is when you are put through everything that is meant to tear you apart and you keep coming back stronger than before. True love is when you hold on to the one you love despite the fact that you have a million things that separate you. It is when you keep bouncing back into your relationship even after the most terrible fights and arguments True love is when you are emotionally, soulfully and physically compatible that your souls get united in an unbreakable eternal bond. True love is a feeling of eternal joy... Aarti Khurana

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