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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

You Enchanted My Heart

When I say that you are my once in a life kind of love I want you to know that it is you and only you who has enchanted my heart and mesmerized my soul. You are the first man to ever make my heart swoon and it has always been you who makes me feel those fluttering butterflies in my stomach. Your presence in my life has redefined my existence on this planet and you have become the very reason for which I am alive. You are my soul’s mate and my heart’s mate. You have been the companion of my heart and soul in the hundred lifetimes gone by and you will continue to be so in the hundred lifetimes to come. You are my universe, you are my galaxy and you are the orbit on which my soul revolves. My life begins with you and my life will end with you. When I turn to dust and ash my memories will live on in your heart and soul until the sun burns out, the moon forgets to shine and all the stars fall from the sky...Aarti Khurana

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