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Sunday, October 29, 2017

I Used To Be Happy Around You

I had so many chances to tell you how much I love you but I could not gather the courage to do that and now I know that even a thousand words can’t bring you back to me. I am sorry I could not express my love to you. I am sorry I could not tell you how much love I had in my heart for you. I know that it was all one-sided and for you, we were just friends but deep in my heart I could always feel that my entire universe pointed towards your direction. I used to love our amazing conversations. I used to enjoy your company. I used to be happy around you. I used to love just looking at you even when you were busy with your work. I wish I had a few more days or a few more hours with you and so that I could show you the innermost feelings of my heart. But I think I have lost you forever. And now that you are gone, far away from me, I miss you. I miss you even though you were never mine. I miss you in everything I do. I wish there was a way to bring you back. I wish there was a way to unzip my soul and show you the love I feel for you. I regret losing you and It will take an eternity to forget you. I miss you and I miss us… Aarti Khurana

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