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Friday, February 9, 2018

A Soul Mate Union Is A Perfect Harmonious Union Of Bliss, Happiness , Love And Peace

You understand my soul just like you understand your own soul. When I met you there was an instant and magical attraction connecting over time, over miles, and sometimes over years. Soul mates are like spiritual healers for each other. They unite with each other to awaken, stir, boost, and uplift each other's souls and enlighten each other's lives to take them on a path of spiritual and soulful awakening. They have a great depth in their relationship and they can hear and feel each other's internal thoughts. Our souls are eternally entwined to unite with each other in every lifetime to heal each other spiritually, emotionally and soulfully. They willingly and whole heartedly embrace, endure and accept each other and nurture their relationships on various platforms of life. We are mentally, soulfully, telepathically and spiritually inseparable from each other. A soul mate union is a perfect harmonious union of bliss, happiness, love, and peace...Aarti Khurana

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