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Friday, February 12, 2021

I Am Invincible

Whatever I am today is because of my million failures in life that left my heart broken. I have survived phases that have stirred my soul and shattered my being. Some days in my life were so dark and lonely that I was left in an ocean of tears and there was no one to console me. But everything that I ever went through has taught me so many valuable lessons. I have learned it the hard way but not I know for sure that it’s me who has to believe in my dreams, it’s me who has to have the courage to pursue the things I am passionate about. It’s me who has to wipe my own tears and get back on up my tiny little feet to move on. It’s me who has to be strong and gather my emotional strength and courage to complete my journey on this planet with my head held high. I have learned the hard way and no one can break me unless I want to be broken and no one one can shatter me unless I give them the power to shatter me or unless I want to be left shattered. So no mater what comes my way ,I will never stop chasing my dreams and I will never stop believing in the magic that life unfolds for me.

©Aarti Khurana


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